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Artemia cysts dried

Artemia Salina is the shrimp which lives in salt lakes and lagoons almost all over the world. 

Valuable feature of Artemia eggs is a high protein content (to 72.9%) and sufficient number of amino acids (leucine - 19.5 g/kg; lysine - 37,6 - 50,1; valine - 20,2; phenylalanine - 17,9; methionine - 15,2-16,7; histidine - 25,6; tryptophan - 1,2 - 4,07; threonine -14,3; isoleucine - 17,1).

Also Artemia cysts has a high content of vitamins: carotenoids - 73,63 mg/kg, vitamin B1 - 13,6 mg/kg; B3 - 43,97 mg/kg; B5 - 97,77 mg/kg; B6 - 17,0 mg/kg; V7 - 3,13 mg/kg; B12 - 31,4 mg/to; macro - and microelements, including those required for fish and birds: cobalt, iodine, zinc, manganese, copper.

Our Artemia cysts have the following characteristics:

  • diameter of egg is 180-250 micron
  • there are 220 000 - 240 000 eggs in one gram
  • nauplii are 0.35/0.45 mm long at the moment of hatching


Artemia Cysts are perfect starting live food for different kinds of fish: marine and freshwater tropical fish, ornamental fish such as KOI carps, jellyfish, industrial fish (catfish, sturgeon, salmon, trout, tilapia, carp), shrimp, aquarium fish and for many invertebrates.

Artemia Cysts are harvested from ecologically clean salt lakes of Siberia (Russia) and valued for the very small size of nauplii. High content of protein and amino acids-rich composition of feed provides intensive growth of young fish. The use of Artemia cysts for fattening poultry helps to improve the biological value of chickens-broilers meat. Additive of Artemia eggs in food positively affects an increasing of the glycogen and lactic acid indicators in the muscle tissue of chicken-broilers.

In addition, Artemia cysts are widely used in cosmetology for regenerating and stimulating effect on the skin cells. It has been scientifically proved that Artemia salina extract provides cellular renewal benefits by bringing energy to the skin cells. The use of the product has the following advantages: protection from the aggressive environmental influence, natural strengthening the immune system of the skin, stimulating skin regeneration, UV protection, moving toxins out, improving skin color, maintenance of the water-lipid balance.