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gammarus legs

Gammarus legs are sifted in a special way through special sieves. Gammarus legs are used in the manufacture of combined feed or as the self-contained feed (feed supplement).

Gammarus considered to be one of the best feed, thanks to its high nutritional value and high content of carotene (vitamin A and its provitamins). Gammarus is widely used in poultry industry as highly nutritious protein additive to birds feed. Substances, contained in Gammarus, promote health and active growth of your animals; also increase the brightness of fish and birds colors.

water (%max) 13,50% raw protein (%min) 48,00% raw celluloise (%max) 4,00% raw fat (%max) 6,00% raw ash (%max) 22,50% ash unsoluble in HCl (%max) 1,00% carotinoide 33,6 mg/kg

Gammarus protein contains the following amino acids (percent):
tyrosine 4,1, tryptophan is 2.9, cystine 1,1, methionine 0,6, arginine 8,7, histidine 3,4, lysine 1,8.

Also calcium (3,0 %), phosphorus (0,3%), iron (30 mg/%), vitamin A (0.3 mg %) and B1 (0.06 mg %) were found in gammarus.